I provide a confidential discreet and professional intermediary service based on agreed fees, expenses and applicable risk factors

Sir Adrian Roberts 

Diplomatic Intermediary

Repatriation of Stolen Paintings & Jewellery via Insurance Companies with guaranties from Police & owners relating to prosecution.

Maritime, Aviation & Vehicle seizure via finance or Court orders 

Intelligence Gathering

Security Surveillance

Special Operations

Equipment procurement

Military hardware to end user arrangements

Military protection units UK & overseas

​Security intrusion testing

Honesty & loyalty testing

Meet & greet with translator services

Directed head hunting

Face to face staff dismissal

Staff drug testing

Corporate asset protection

Corporate Pre-liquidation assessment

​Company walk away arrangements

Gold Kilo bar 999% purchase / supply

Gold refining facilitated UK & Europe

Gold Krugerrand 50 + available UK & Europe

​Silver Bars No VAT arrangements

​Gold, Silver, Platinum storage arrangements

Mandate holder arrangements for D1 & Aviation fuel sale or supply

Tobacco Bond to Bond

commission arrangements all products commission arrangements all services

Tax advantageous Corporate structure set-up

ISO advice & set-up