Sir Adrian Roberts 

Diplomatic Intermediary

Honesty & loyalty testing

 Meet & greet with translator services

Directed head hunting

Face to face staff dismissal

Staff drug testing

Corporate asset protection

Corporate pre-liquidation assessment

​Company walk away arrangements

Repatriation of Stolen Paintings & Jewellery via Insurance Companies with guaranties from Police & owners relating to prosecution.

Maritime, Aviation & Vehicle seizure via finance or Court orders 


I provide a Confidential discreet and professional intermediary service based on agreed fees, expenses and applicable risk factors

Intelligence Gathering

Security Surveillance

Special Operations

Equipment procurement

Military hardware to end user arrangements

Military protection units UK & overseas

​Security intrusion testing


Gold Kilo bar 999.9% purchase / supply

Gold refining facilitated UK & Europe

Gold Krugerrand 50 + available UK & Europe

​Silver Bars No VAT arrangements

​Gold, Silver, Platinum storage arrangements

Mandate holder arrangements for D1 & Aviation fuel sale or supply

Tobacco Bond to Bond

commission arrangements all products commission arrangements all services

Tax advantageous Corporate structure set-up

ISO advice & set-up